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Pigtronix Infinity 3 Looper

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  • Pigtronix Infinity 3 Looper - PÉdale Looper - Main picture
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  • Pigtronix Infinity 3 Looper - PÉdale Looper - Variation 2
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Pédale looper

Infinity 3 is the world’s most musical looping pedal. Simple to operate, yet tremendously powerful and flexible, the Infinity 3 guarantees latency-free looping. Our state-of-the-art platform provides instantaneous record, playback, dub, undo and redo, on two stereo loop pairs that can be played in series or parallel as well as synchronized and cue'd for automatic playback. On top of superior speed and a unique, performance-friendly feature set, Infinity 3 sounds downright incredible thanks to its discrete analog limiter stages, transparent analog pass-through and 24 bit HD recording engine with variable sample rate that can be incremented in semi-tones over two octaves. With approximately 3 hours of recording time on up to 50 loop pairs, the Infinity 3 was designed to inspire compositional depth and engaging performances. Comprehensive MIDI control and intelligent MIDI clock jitter correction provide the ability to link the Infinity 3 to a DAW, Drum Machine or other effects pedals. Infinity 3 is the ultimate tool for writing, rehearsing and performing every style of music.


  • Ref : 99973
  • - Fonctions : Pédale looper stéro 2 pistes
  • - Buffered bypass
  • - Alimentation (incluse) : 18V DC (200 ma)
  • - Poids : 500g

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