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Patrice VIGIER is a French luthier who became known in the early 80's,
for his handcrafted high-end guitars and basses with
neck. Almost 10 years later, he introduced the very famous Excalibur superstrat,
which today has become THE reference among the instruments of this talented luthier.
So much so, that many guitarists in Uncle Sam's country have adopted it as their main guitar for stage and studio.

To name only the most famous owners, artists such as Ron Thal, Roger Glover (Deep Purple), Buckethead, Guthrie Govan, Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), play on VIGIER guitars or basses.

These instruments are still mainly handcrafted and are considered as unique pieces. Playing on a VIGIER is the guarantee of being able to express yourself on a guitar or a bass with an irreproachable quality of manufacture. This is thanks to the extreme rigor of Patrice and the Vigier luthiers, each with more than 10 to 30 years of experience.

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Micro gibson double bobinage humbucker SG cherry

Innovation since the beginning

For Patrice VIGIER, innovation is one of the pillars that has forged the brand's identity.

From the design to the chosen materials, nothing is left to chance. The proof is in the concept of the 90/10 handle (90% wood, 10% carbon). A solid neck with a carbon bar that ensures its rigidity, improves natural sustain and tuning and eliminates the need for adjustment.

Another innovation is the iMetal fretless neck, considered by many guitarists to be a technical and visual feat. Unlike fretless necks, the "surfreter" has much less impact on the sustain of your sound. The iMetal fretboard is also available for bass players.

VIGIER improves your playing conditions

To complete the set, Patrice VIGIER offers a Teflon saddle (with non-stick properties) and frets zero . The strings are simply guided by the saddle which will not wear out over time. In addition, this technology reduces string friction and thus improves the instrument's tuning.

Another detail that illustrates the requirement of the French luthier: The Dampener . It is a foam located behind the saddle which eliminates the parasite noises which could come to 'pollute' your sound.

Perfectionist to the end, Patrice VIGER applies a copper-based paint to shield the micro/electronic cavities and thus limit to the maximum the problems of undesirable buzz.

guitares électriques gibson sg finition naturelle finition noir black ebony

guitares électriques gibson sg finition naturelle finition noir black ebony

Reference instruments

The first emblematic VIGIER models were the Arpège in the early 80s, the Passion ean in 1983, and the Marilyn in 1985. 

But it is really from this date that 3 models will make speak about them, including across the Atlantic. It is about :

- The Excalibur (1991). It is inspired by a superstrat, by its size and its sound palette. Most often, these guitars are equipped with humbucking pickups, specially designed to play powerful and devastating riffs. This model will be equipped with 90/10 necks, as well as the more resistant ball bearing swivel vibrato.

- The Expert (2000) revisits the SSS format (3 single pickups), with a slightly thicker body and neck, for a more consistent sound. The Expert's design and build quality guarantee an excellent grip and unparalleled playing comfort.

- The G.V . (2009) is the most recent model in the catalog. It is a single cut guitar, equipped with double-coil pickups and a solid neck. Its main asset, apart from a very warm sound, is its formidable sustain.

VIGIER rhymes with quality

Owning a VIGIER instrument is the assurance of being able to play with complete peace of mind, at any time, knowing that each model is made 100% in France, with the care that one would expect from a luthier whose reputation has become worldwide over the years (careful selection of woods that will be dried for a minimum of 3 years, a long varnish drying process for an optimal result...).

guitare électrique gibson les paul custom shop

guitares électriques gibson demi caisse hollow body es 335 jazz

Custom Shop VIGIER

What would a great brand be without its offer of customizable instruments? 

VIGIER is no exception to this rule and offers you the possibility to order a guitar or a bass from a specification specific to your requirements. At STAR'S MUSIC, we offer this service so that you can make your dream come true! Contact us or visit us in store to discuss the custom project you have in mind.

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